During the last week of March the public was able to attend one of three workshops to learn about the proposed trail that would connect San Marcos, Buda and Kyle to South Austin’s Violet Crown Trail.

In the fall Texas State University geography department students mapped 12 conceptual trails that could eventually become the so-called Emerald Crown Trail.

During a public meeting March 27, several property owners had concerns about potential trails cutting through their land.

San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance Executive Director Mark Taylor said the trail organizers had no intentions of using eminent domain to take private property for public use.

“We won’t have any trails where somebody doesn’t want one. We don’t know where the trail will go right now, so that is going to be a big challenge to talk with different landowners where we don’t have any trails,” he said. “It’s going to be a big project, and maybe it will take us 20 years, maybe it will take us 100 years, but we want to see if it is possible.”

Hays County resident and landowner Dennis Spire said he does not feel the trail project will work unless someone is willing to donate a large portion of their land.

“It’s just a disruption of our community,” he said.

Hays County resident Janneane Herber said people were criticizing the project too quickly but hopes the trail project leaders take their time to do the project right.

Emerald Crown Trail leaders will compile the feedback from the public hearing before taking further action.