Missouri City City Council gave approval in February to a group of Fort Bend County residents to develop an active senior living community, Vrindavan Resorts, on 13.7 acres of land west of Staffordshire Road and north of the Knanaya subdivision.

The development is the work of Missouri City resident Joseph Manakalathil and his four partners, who are privately funding the project.

“We know there’s a high demand for senior homes,” Manakalathil said.

Local resident Joseph Joseph said he is interested in moving to the development once it is completed, and Vrindavan Resorts will be a good fit for him, providing him with a proper support system while also allowing to live within his means.

“My No. 1 concern is my safety and security,” Joseph said. “[I want] to live in a gated community.”

The units are for sale, and buyers may lease units to potential residents as long as they follow community guidelines and regulations. However, the company will not be directly leasing units, Manakalathil said.

Manakalathil and his colleagues worked with engineering and construction firm Trimcos for the design and engineering phase. He described the community as an upscale development with premium facilities, featuring amenities, such as a gym, clubhouse with a dining hall, TV lounge, walking trails and other green space for outdoor activities.

“The idea is that people who are coming to live in the senior community, they have been working throughout their lives, and this will be a place to live peacefully and to enjoy life,” Manakalathil said.

The property is ideal for such a residential development, he said.

“It is a peaceful, silent area but still within a few miles from places of worship, from the supermarket, even to hospital,” Manakalathil said.

Current talks place the units in the $185,000-$259,000 price range, he said.

“The location is key,” Joseph said. “For me, the good thing about moving over there is everything is close by.”

Manakalathil said he anticipates the development will be completed in three years with plans for construction to begin in August. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for senior adults, he said.

“At that age, the biggest challenge such people are facing is social isolation,” Manakalathil. “At this age, what they need is mutual support.”