Deck the halls with advice from a lighting professional

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ask a Lighting Professional
Local Realtors answer questions about trends and offer tips to home buyers and sellers decorating a home in or around The Woodlands.

Doug Corrigan
The Woodlands Nightscaping

What are some examples of lighting decorating trends this season?
There are more requests for garland and ribbons integrated with lights this year. Large, lighted wreaths for doorways that are fully decorated have become this year’s hot item for homes as well.

What should homeowners know before installing holiday lighting?
Homeowners should have a budget in mind, [because costs] can add up fast. Also, check references when using a company to install holiday lights, and make sure they are reputable. There are many seasonal folks installing lights with no prior knowledge of the products’ true use and [electrical] load capacity.

What safety tips do you have for homeowners who are installing their own lighting?
Homeowners should have secure and proper ladders. Do not climb on a roof [alone] or when it is damp. Also, never overload your circuits, and do not cut and splice wire with tape. Keep lighting and connections away from leaf build-ups and do not run wires inside gutters.

Where are the best places to display lighting on a home?
Displaying strands lights on the roof and ridge lines of the house are the most common. Wreaths and garland above and around the front door and main entrances are also particularly best-suited.