Ask the Editor: How can I comment on a zoning change case in the city of Austin?

Any property owner that seeks to modify the zoning of a site from its existing zoning must go through the zoning change process. When a developer initiates that process, state law requires notification to be sent out to anyone who lives within 200 feet of the property. The city of Austin increases that notification range to 500 feet.

State law also allows property owners whose property is located within 200 feet of the site to sign a petition protesting a zoning change. If a petition garners signatures from property owners that represent 20 percent of land surrounding the site requesting a zoning change, it is a valid petition requiring a supermajority vote, or nine of the 11 members on Austin City Council, for approval.

Residents not in the 200-foot zone may still sign a petition, but their names would not be part of a valid petition. Comments are welcome at zoning and platting commission meetings, which are held at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday at the Austin City Hall.

Read more about the zoning change process here.
By Amy Denney

Managing Editor, Austin metro

Amy has worked for Community Impact Newspaper since September 2010, serving as reporter and senior editor for the Northwest Austin edition as well as covering transportation in the Austin metro. She is now managing editor for the 10 publications in the Central Texas area from Georgetown to New Braunfels. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son and two cats.