Snapchat incident discussed, property reappraisals approved: 3 takeaways from Conroe ISD's Oct. 17 board meeting

1. District responds to Snapchat incident
Several concerned parents and community members spoke during public comment about an incident between two students from The Woodlands High School involving racist comments sent via the social media app Snapchat.

The alleged incident occurred on a Sunday, and campus administration began looking into the victim’s claim immediately, according to a statement from the board.

“This was something that I could not give her the message to suck [it] up,” said R.J. King, father of the Snapchat receiver. “She was traumatized, and she was in instant fear by receiving this Snapchat message. We’ve gone to administration, and they brought us in right away, so that told us they think this is serious also.”

The Kings were told to report the incident to the police with hope that the student who sent the message would be removed from the district, King said.

Because the message was sent on a Sunday while both students were at their respective homes, CISD police determined they did not have jurisdiction over the matter, according to the district’s statement.

“No employee of Conroe ISD has condoned racism in any form or acted in any manner that could be characterized as supporting it,” the statement said. “Furthermore, the District, at the request of the [victim’s] family, facilitated a meeting between the families of the students involved and will continue to work with both families.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office has assigned a case number to the report, and district officials said they are committed to removing racism from the student body.

“We will continue to work with students to foster their understanding of and respect for diversity and are committed to implementing programs to support these efforts,” the statement said.

2. CISD approves property reappraisals  
After initially removing the item during September’s board meeting, the board of trustees voted to adopt a resolution authorizing the reappraisal of properties damaged during Hurricane Harvey during Tuesday’s meeting.

As of Oct. 16, 2,278 properties within the district were reported as being damaged, CISD Chief Financial Officer Darrin Rice said.

The total tax revenue decrease the district would experience during fiscal year 2017-18 as a result of reappraising amounts to approximately $1.07 million. However, since the Texas Education Agency will count the loss as a state exemption, the district will gain the loss back in FY 2018-19, Rice said.

3. CISD stadium and natatorium could be renamed
The board will receive and consider proposals in December for naming rights of the district’s Woodforest Bank Stadium and Natatorium in Shenandoah.

As the 10-year contract with Woodforest Bank approaches its expiration date, the board will hear and determine the stadium’s new name in 2018.

The newly-named stadium will also be under a 10-year contract, and the board is considering the possibility of having two separate names for the stadium and natatorium.
By Beth Marshall
Born and raised in Montgomery County, Beth Marshall graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in communication and a minor in business. Originally hired as a reporter for The Woodlands edition in 2016, she became editor of the Sugar Land/Missouri City edition in October 2017.