New park in Kyle aims for completion by summer 2019

Kyle Vista Park will join the line up of parks in Kyle, such as Lake Kyle featured above, around Summer 2019.

Kyle Vista Park will join the line up of parks in Kyle, such as Lake Kyle featured above, around Summer 2019.

After almost a decade of just cutting its lawn, the city of Kyle is ready to move forward with land set aside for Kyle Vista Park.

Discussion of adding a new park to the northeast quadrant of Kyle first started in 2007. However, according to Director of Parks and Recreation Kerry Urbanowicz, with a nearly $20 million needed in funding and the recession, the park was quickly put on the back burner in 2009.

“Ten to 15 years ago things were really good until we hit the recession, and the park had to be pushed away,” Urbanowicz said. “Things are coming back up again, and we’ve been working with some private recreation folks that want to come to Kyle. They want to provide the very same thing we were going to provide back in 2007 with indoor and outdoor recreational activities at the same comparable rate that we were going to charge people for membership and fees.”

Urbanowicz said that since the park's conception no tax dollars have been used in the park’s development.

“It would take us years and years to save up enough money, or we would have to go to the voters and ask to raise property taxes a ridiculous amount to build the facility we wanted,” Urbanowicz said. “That's why if you can do a partnership with a private developer who can build what the city needs and lets the community use it, it's a win-win.”

The city has approximately 46 acres from various developer fees and purchases to use for the park. The park is bordered by Chapa Middle School, Bebee Road and Dacy Lane and gives a complete view of Kyle. 

On top of being a recreational hotspot in Kyle with various indoor and outdoor courts, the park will also feature picnic tables, playsets, an amphitheater and more.

“So many people leave Kyle every weekend for recreational activities,” Urbanowicz said. “These private groups came to Kyle looking to build their programs here, and we said we have a great idea of how we can put a better project together. We hope that not only do we get residents to stay in town, but we also start pulling people from other places here.”

Map of Kyle Vista Park[/caption]

Although Urbanowicz said there are many details that still need to be ironed out, he hopes to break ground on the park by spring 2018 and have the park open by summer 2019.

“We really believe that once we get this project started and people can see it, [developers] are going to be knocking on our doors louder than they already are,” Urbanowicz said.

City Council will hear a presentation on the park tonight at 6 p.m during its regularly scheduled meeting at Kyle City Hall.