U.S. Census: Number of Williamson County housing units increase in 2015-16 at nationally high rate

Williamson County housing supply increased 3.3 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to U.S. Census data recently published.

The updated data estimates the number of housing units as of July 2016. The Census counts new building permits, authorized projects that are not started, started projects, projects under construction and completed projects as new residential housing units. All can be indicators of municipal growth.

Seven Texas counties made the national top 20 list for counties that recorded increases of at least 3 percent over the 12-month period ending last July. Williamson County reported a 3.3 percent increase, with the number of housing units increasing from 180,987 in July 2105 to 186,964 in July 2016. Other Texas counties to make the list included:

  • Colin County: 4 percent

  • Fort Bend County: 4 percent

  • Hays County: 3.5 percent

  • Rockwall County: 3.5 percent

  • Montgomery County: 3.4 percent

  • Denton County: 3.4 percent