After hearing the results of an online survey, the Spring ISD board of trustees unanimously approved the 2017-18 academic calendar Thursday night during its work session meeting.

Lupita Hinojosa, chief of school leadership and student support services, presented the board with the survey results with votes from Spring residents on their preferred choice out of two calendar options.

While the calendar options were very similar, they did propose different start and end dates for the school year. Option A—which won the majority of the vote—proposed starting school on Thursday, Aug. 17, and ending the year on Thursday, May 31, while option B proposed starting school on Wednesday, Aug. 16 and ending the year on Friday, May 25.

“Starting midweek gives families a chance to get back into the rhythm,” Hinojosa said. “[We] tried providing flexibility for students, staff and family.”

Hinojosa said option A won with 53.6 percent of the votes, while option B earned 46.4 percent of the votes. She also said 3,204 people completed the survey from April 19-May 1.

Following the presentation, the board unanimously voted in favor of the more popular option A.

The board also listened to a bond update presentation by Chief Operations Officer Mark Miranda and Executive Director of Procurement Phillip Ellison.

Miranda said a contract for 60 new school buses will be complete by the end of June and that the buses will be delivered to schools shortly thereafter. He added that the district is still recruiting drivers.

Through the bond, Miranda said the district was able to expand its number of prekindergarten classes. Both Anderson Elementary and Smith Elementary schools will add prekindergarten classes for the 2017-18 school year. Registration for classes is already open, he said.

Miranda also provided an update on the district’s plan to improve technology in schools. In August, 3,000 computers will be replaced at schools throughout the district. In September, the district will update and increase its wireless internet connectivity.  The district will also purchase new tablet devices and new classroom projectors in January.

Ellison discussed where the district is at with its larger construction projects, such as the three ninth grade centers and two middle schools. The district has received interest from 25 different architectural firms, which is expected to be narrowed down to a group of finalists.

The board is expected to vote on a firm during its June 13 meeting.