Pearland City Council to discuss Blue Ridge Landfill, TCEQ actions at upcoming meeting

The final item on Pearland City Council's long list of agenda items for its regular meeting on March 20 is a public discussion on possible actions related to the Blue Ridge Landfill and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Shadow Creek Ranch resident Ed Mears, who serves on the West Pearland Air Quality Odor Taskforce, said he will press city council to ask the TCEQ for a suspension of the landfill's operating permit, a revision of the city's 2009 agreement with the landfill and for legal action against the landfill.

Pearland council member Gary Moore pressed lawmakers and the TCEQ during Pearland Day in Austin, which took place on Feb. 22, to bring the landfill to compliance. Moore spoke with Rep. Ed Thompson, Gov. Greg Abbott's chief of staff and TCEQ directors about shortening the investigation cycle and quicker action from TCEQ, according to his Facebook page.

"I understand that we still have the smell today, but what took place this week in Austin has pushed the issue to the forefront at every level all the way to the governor. Given the serious nature of this situation, we urge you to continue to report to the TCEQ. Do not think that we are done fighting. We are committed to this issue until BRL reaches full compliance and the community can breathe fresh air," Moore, who is running for re-election, said in a public statement on March 10.

The Pearland City Council agenda can be found online here.