TJ Reilly TJ Reilly[/caption]

TJ Reilly is running for the at large seat in the upcoming McKinney City Council election. Reilly is running against Charlie Philips, Kevin M. Smallwood, Derek Baker and Michael Jones. Current at large representative Randy Pogue has decided to not to seek re-election to the seat and instead will run for the mayor’s seat. Early voting begins April 24, and election day is May 6.


Senior account manager—Quantum Builders

Why are you running for McKinney City Council?

McKinney is a great place to do business and live. I especially love the amount of small businesses that are thriving in this economic environment. Recently, however, there has been some irresponsible spending and unnecessary regulations imposed. However, as the population and household value increases, taxes have not decreased at the same ratio. This is due to government overreach, greed and/or negligence. I want to keep McKinney's small-town charm while lowering taxes. Nearly 30 percent of voting-aged citizens are ages 20-35. There are currently no members of council under 35. Over 50 percent of our population are Texas transplants [and] are also underrepresented. I represent the views of the largest and unaccounted-for age group, along with the transplanted citizens that make up the majority of this city.

What issues do you feel the city will face within the next few years?

  • Planning and development

  • Budgeting our tax revenue

  • Commercial-to-residential ratio

  • Public safety staffing

If elected, how would you address those issues?

  • Planning and development: We need to figure out how we will approach the [US] 380 corridor expansion. We also need to fix the parking problem downtown so our residents can enjoy the charm that McKinney has to offer.

  • Budget: Our budget needs to be responsibly set up in a way that will put us in a good position to overcome inevitable financial hardships of the future. We cannot spend every dime of the budget during an economic high time. We need to be wise [stewards] of our money to prevent high taxing when city services are on the line.

  • Commercial-to-residential ratio issue: We have an 80-20 percent split on residential to commercial properties in McKinney. We need to expand our corporate potential. Not creating a suitable environment for new business and corporate offices would put a burden on property tax revenue, and not diversifying tax revenue could lead to economic disaster.

  • Public safety staffing: For every 1,000 residents, McKinney is understaffed by almost half of what [it needs] to equal the Texas average [of public safety employees].

What qualifications do you possess that make you a prime candidate for the position?

I have a strong ability to connect with people across all demographics. I can empathize with every person's needs and create a plan which collaborates the views of everyone at the least cost to our taxpayer. There is no other candidate who is more creative than I am and cares more about the views of every citizen of the city.