Ask the Editor: What is CodeNEXT?

Amy Denney, Editor

What is CodeNEXT?

Cities such as Austin have a land development code that dictates how properties may be developed throughout the city, such as what may be built, where it can be built and how much can be built. The last time Austin updated its code was in the 1980s. In 2012, Austin City Council approved its new comprehensive plan called Imagine Austin, which is the future vision for the city.

The city’s code has been amended numerous times over the years, leading to a complicated code full of contradictions and hundreds of zoning combinations. This makes it difficult for developers to build and for residents to know what could be built in their neighborhood.

After adopting Imagine Austin, the city embarked on a code rewrite process called CodeNEXT to provide a better framework for future development.

The city released a draft of the new code Jan. 30 and will unveil a code map in April for residents to review. Read more on the CodeNEXT plan from reporter Christopher Neely here.
By Amy Denney

Managing Editor, Austin metro

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