French onion soup

French onion soup Bazille[/caption]

French onion soup ($7.50) has become a staple menu item at Bazille, Nordstrom’s restaurant in The Woodlands, since it opened in 2014.

The base of the soup is made with chicken and beef stock, onions, sherry, red wine, a garlic puree and butter. Rosemary, thyme, bay leaf and peppercorn are wrapped in cheesecloth and used to season the soup while it cooks for several hours.

Prior to being served, the broth is poured into a crock bowl and served with croutons made from baguettes. Gruyere and provolone cheese are melted on top until golden brown, and the dish is topped with chives.

“The depth of flavor we have to achieve makes it unique,” General Manager Jeramie Dela Cruz said. “You can get French onion soup other places, but it won’t have that same depth or richness that ours does, which is something we strive for.”


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