7 notable Sugar Land & Missouri City businesses from 2016

CHI ST. Lukeu2019s Health Sugar Land Family Birthing Center

CHI ST. Lukeu2019s Health Sugar Land Family Birthing Center

CHI ST. Luke’s Health Sugar Land Family Birthing Center

What we reported CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land opened its Family birthing center on Feb. 29. The center was expanded to 23,387 square feet for about $1.5 million.

“Anticipated [population] growth over the next five years is about  11.5 percent,” said Wes Garrison, vice president of patient care services at CHI St. Luke’s, after the expansion. “My statistics see about [a] 12 percent increase in women in childbearing age.”

The latest The birthing center reported 879 deliveries as of end of November and staff hoped to reach at least 1,000 deliveries by the end of 2016.

What we reported Kelsey-Seybold Sienna Plantation Clinic opened Aug. 22. The clinic offers family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecological services, and X-ray and laboratory services.

The 23,800-square-foot building is located at the intersection of Oilfield Road and Lake Olympia Parkway.

The latest The clinic has seen more than 3,000 patients since it opened and it held a Family Fun day event Oct. 8.

Victory Sports Center Victory Sports Center offers classes in different forms of dance and sports.[/caption]

Victory Sports Center

What we reported The 21,000-square-foot Victory Sports Center was destroyed in a fire Aug. 19. Victory Sports Center offered classes in competitive cheerleading, floor gymnastics, tumbling, hip-hop dance and other sports.

The latest Since the fire, classes have taken place at Iron Cross Gymnastics in Richmond. In November, the Maryam Islamic Center in Sugar Land donated $10,000 to Victory Sports, according to media reports and the center’s Facebook page.

Salt of the Earth Salt of the Earth uses natural salts to improve certain health problems.[/caption]

Salt of the Earth

What we reported The first of its kind in the Greater Houston area, Salt of the Earth halotherapy spa opened May 27. Halotherapy uses natural salts to improve certain illnesses and symptoms in respiratory and skin conditions.

what's notable The spa has three rooms where salt is pumped through the air and visitors can relax for 45-minute sessions. Co-owner Sandy Hinderliter said she and her husband, Mark, were inspired to launch the business after seeing halotherapy improve Mark’s health.

Lice Hunter, MD Dr. Jessica Nelson offers head checks, treatment sessions and house calls.[/caption]

Lice Hunter, MD

What we reported Lice Hunter, MD opened July 22. Dr. Jessica Nelson, who owns the business, offers head checks, treatment sessions and house calls for families afflicted with lice. Nelson also sells her own line of lice treatment products and kits.

Dr. Nelson has spent years helping patients combat contagious skin diseases including head lice, scabies,  athletes foot and shingles.

Memberships are available for $5 per month, which covers unlimited head checks as well as discounts for treatments and products.

The latest In the fall, the business began offering services on Saturdays.

Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center offers educational exhibits for children.[/caption]

Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center

What we reported Affiliated with the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center was the first tenant to open at the Imperial Market mixed-use development May 28. Located in the former container warehouse of the Imperial Sugar Refinery site, the 12,000-square-foot interactive museum has exhibits designed for children up to 12 years old and focuses on mathematics, cultural diversity, science, civic life and business, and toddler play.

The center was opened to serve what Development Director Tracy Golden, said was the nearly
20 percent of visitors at the Children’s Museum who come from Fort Bend County.

The latest Since opening, the center has seen an average of 600 visitors on Saturdays and nearly 200 visitors per day from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Ma-Jest-Kids Playland Ma-Jest-Kids is an indoor play space for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.[/caption]

Ma-Jest-Kids Playland

What we reported The indoor play space for infants, toddlers and preschoolers opened Nov. 1, 2015, and expanded this fall to accommodate older children. Owner Fernando Noguera said customers had inquired about offerings for older children, so he is adding 4,500 square feet and two party rooms.

The latest The expansion, which was completed in December, also included an “American Ninja Warrior-style” obstacle course for children at least 47 inches tall and up to 12 years old.