1911 Academy in McKinney plans to expand gun classes

5 notable business openings Gun gurus at 1911 Academy and Firearms can customize any firearm.[/caption]

What we reported

mck-2017-1-08-05-11911 Academy opened April 28. The store offers Texas concealed handgun license classes as well as cleaning, repairing and restoring firearms.

The latest

Store owners said the hands-on training has been well-received. The store also expanded new firearms sales and emphasized sales of suppressors.

What’s next

In 2017 owners plan to expand the line of classes, including design, function and repair of Glocks, Springfields and Smith & Wesson Striker Fired pistols. A class on Colt 1911 pistols will also be added.

1971 University Drive, McKinney • 214-856-3976 • www.1911academy.com

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