Katy Election Day ballot packed with choices

November election

U.S. House

Texas District 7
John Culberson*, R
James Cargas, D

Texas District 10
Michael McCaul*, R
Tawana Cadien, D
Bill Kelsey, L

Texas District 22
Pete Olson*, R
Mark Gibson, D

Texas House

Texas District 149
Bryan Chu, R
Hubert Vo*, D


Texas Railroad Commissioner
Wayne Christian, R
Grady Yarbrough, D
Mark Miller, L
Martina Salinas, G

Texas Supreme Court, Place 3
Debra Lehrmann*, R
Mike Westergren, D
Kathie Glass, L
Rodolfo Rivera Munoz, G

Texas Supreme Court, Place 5
Paul Green*, R
Dori Contreras Garza, D
Tom Oxford, L
Charles E. Waterbury, G

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9
Eva Guzman*, R
Savannah Robinson, D
Don Fulton, L
Jim Chisholm, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge, Place 2
Mary Lou Keel, R
Lawrence “Larry” Meyers*, D
Mark Ash, L
Adam King Blackwell Reposa, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals presiding judge, Place 5
Scott Walker, R
Betsy Johnson, D
William Bryan Strange III, L
Judith Sanders-Castro, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals presiding judge, Place 6
Michael E. Keasler*, R
Robert Burns, D
Mark W. Bennett, L


Troy E. Nehls*, R
Michael V. Ellison, D

District Judge, 400th Judicial District
Maggie Jaramillo*, R
Teana Watson, D

Harris County

District Attorney
Devon Anderson*, R
Kim Ogg, D

County Attorney
Jim Leitner, R
Vince Ryan*, D

Ron Hickman*, R
Ed Gonzalez, D

Commissioner, Precinct 3
Steve Radack*, R
Jenifer Rene Pool, D

District Judge, 11th Judicial District
Kevin Fulton, R
Kristen Hawkins, D

District Judge, 61st Judicial District
Erin Elizabeth Lunceford*, R
Fredericka Phillips, D

District Judge, 80th Judicial District
Will Archer, R
Larry Weiman*, D

District Judge, 125th Judicial District
Sharon Hemphill, R
Kyle Carter*, D

District Judge, 151st Judicial District
Jeff Hastings, R
Mike Engelhart*, D

District Judge, 165th Judicial District
Debra Ibarra Mayfield*, R
Ursula A. Hall, D

District Judge, 174th Judicial District
Katherine McDaniel, R
Hazel B. Jones, D

District Judge, 176th Judicial District
Stacey W. Bond*, R
Nikita “Niki” Harmon, D

District Judge, 177th Judicial District
Ryan Patrick*, R
Robert Johnson, D

District Judge, 178th Judicial District
Phil Gommels, R
Kelli Johnson, D

District Judge, 179th Judicial District
Kristin M. Guiney*, R
Randy Roll, D

District Judge, 215th Judicial District
Fred Shuchart, R
Elaine Palmer*, D

District Judge, 333rd Judicial District
Joseph “Tad” Halbach*, R
Daryl Moore, D

District Judge, 339th Judicial District
Mary McFaden, R
Maria T. (Terri) Jackson*, D

District Judge, 351st Judicial District
Mark Kent Ellis*, R
George Powell, D

Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1 (Unexpired Term)
Clyde Raymond Leuchtag*, R
George Barnstone, D

Waller County

R. Glenn Smith*, R
Cedric D. Watson, D

Candidates were selected based on the elections taking place within this newspaper’s coverage area. Because of space limitations, only contested races were included in these listings. More election coverage can be found online at communityimpact.com/vote.