Ask an interior designer

Local interior designer Kaci Lyford provides design tips where to start decorating for new homeowners as well as how to stage the home to sell for sellers.

mck-2016-10-22-02-02Kaci Lyford
Interior designer

When someone purchases a new home and wants to update their furniture, in what room should they start in order to make the biggest impact?

The biggest impact room is always the Family Room.  It’s where we spend most of our time and where we invite guests to sit and visit.  If this room looks nice, we feel good about our house and encourage visitors.

Look at each piece of furniture, and if you don’t love it, now is the time to find another place for it.  Do without until you can afford to get the piece you will love.  You may find you enjoy having the extra space in the room.  You may be able to use a favorite chair or chest from another room in your new living room.  Don’t be afraid to move things around.  New lamps and throw pillows can totally change the mood of the room.

What are some everyday design tips individuals can use to keep their homes fresh and on-trend?

I like to refresh my home every season.  Fall brings dried botanicals and earthy accents.  Bring pottery and books out on display.  Wool throws and rugs and cozy pillows are more welcome in the Winter.  I change the rugs to Sisal in the Spring and Summer and always have fresh flowers and fruit in bowls.