City of Cedar Park denies request for noise ordinance exception

Rick Redmond, Lone Star Grille & Bubba’s Backyard owner, went before City Council April 16 to request an exception to the city’s noise ordinance for several upcoming concerts but was ultimately denied.

Lone Star Grille is located at 1501 E. New Hope Drive, Cedar Park, and has a large outdoor music venue. Redmond is the tenant of the property but is not the landowner.

Redmond requested a special-use permit in case the larger music shows at Lone Star Grille in April, May and June surpass the allowed decibels level. None of Redmond’s shows have surpassed the current noise limit, which is 70 decibels from 10 p.m.-7 a.m.

Redmond said once construction began on The Parke shopping center at New Hope Drive and Toll 183A, sound began to travel more. Redmond said he met with nearby residents to address their concerns when his venue first opened in 2014, but has not received any resident complaints this year. 

Council Member Kristyne Bollier and Mayor Matt Powell said they went to a nearby home at the request of the resident, who was complaining about the level of noise coming from Lone Star Grille during a concert.

“The noise exists,” Bollier said. “I was standing on the sidewalk and could feel the [vibration] … of the band. … I don’t want to dismiss citizens’ concerns.”

The Lone Star Grille property was zoned for a music venue prior to Redmond opening his business, he said.

Powell said the city could look into possible solutions to help Redmond mitigate the noise, such as acoustical fencing.

“I think we’d all like to find a solution,” Powell said. “The city is interested in helping your facility succeed.”

City of Cedar Park engineers have visited Lone Star Grille to test the sound, and Redmond said the restaurant has complied with the engineers’ recommendations.

“I’m not trying to be a hardship for anyone, obviously,” Redmond said. “I feel like I’ve been in compliance since day one.”

Council Member Jon Lux acknowledged that Redmond is within the allowed decibel limits. However, he said he can “still hear the noise,” and a solution should be reached.

“We do want live entertainment in this city,” Lux said.

Council voted against Redmond’s request, which Powell said can be resubmitted if Redmond chooses to do so.