Transportation Updates

Project update FM 3083 railroad overpass[/caption]

1. FM 3083 railroad overpass

Work on the expansion of FM 3083 continues with construction of a railroad overpass along the roadway. FM 3083 has already been expanded from I-45 to the starting location of the overpass bridge, and the project will continue to widen the about .7-miles of road from the start of the bridge to Stewart’s Creek. Project construction will begin April 1. Once complete, the road will have two lanes on each side and a continuous left-turn lane.

Timeline: April 2016-2018
Cost: $13.1 million
Funding sources: Texas Department of Transportation

2. FM 1488 overpass

Work on a project to widen FM 1488 from two to four lanes as well as construction on a railroad overpass on FM 1488 at the FM 149 intersection has reached 33 percent completion. The TxDOT project will allow commuters to cross the railroad tracks without interruption.

Timeline: Dec. 2015-fourth quarter 2017
Cost: $27.6 million
Funding sources: TxDOT

3. I-45 HOV lanes

The I-45 high occupancy vehicle lane extension will add one lane in each direction along I-45 from FM 1960 in north Harris County to S. Loop 336 in Conroe. Construction began in October, and the project will be complete by the second quarter of 2016, according to TxDOT. The agency has completed about 57 percent of the project.

Timeline: October 2015-May
Cost: $2.6 million
Funding sources: TxDOT

4. Park and ride facility

The city of Conroe has partnered with TxDOT to develop a park and ride facility under I-45 near the FM 2854 intersection. Construction is expected to begin in April. The facility is intended to transport commuters from Conroe to downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center. Buses used at the facility will be operated by an independent company.

Timeline: May 2016-TBD
Cost: $1 million
Funding sources: TxDOT, city of Conroe

5. Drennan Road extension

A Drennan Road mobility project extended the roadway from its previous end point at Plantation Drive to Hwy. 75. The roadway continues the five-lane road to provide greater access to and from the future Conroe Police Department headquarters, which is under construction at 2300 Plantation Drive. The project has been substantially completed.

Timeline: July 2015-February 2016
Cost: $2.4million
Funding sources: city of Conroe

Project update League Line Road extension[/caption]

6. League Line Road extension

Construction of a 2.5-mile extension to League Line Road began in early March 2015. The project extends the road from its end point at Hwy. 75 past FM 1484, creating a direct route from I-45 through the Conroe Park North industrial park to Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport. Crews have completed work on the bridge over Stewarts Creek.

Timeline: March 2015-summer 2016
Cost: $13.3 million
Funding sources: city of Conroe, Montgomery County