State Representative District 130/Republican Candidates Q & A

Tom OliversonTom Oliverson


Dr. Tom Oliverson is a practicing anesthesiologist and partner in U.S. Anesthesia Partners, the largest anesthesiology provider in Texas with more than 1,100 doctors. Oliverson and his wife were appointed to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s inaugural committee. He is active in many Second Amendment organizations and supports the Boy Scouts of America, Family Life Ministries and other organizations. He and his wife are members of Jersey Village Baptist Church and live in Cypress where they home-school their three children.

Why are you running for District 130 representative?

I have always been very politically involved and interested. About four years ago I had an interaction with a husband and wife. He was a retired congressman from Ohio. She tells me, ‘You need to run for public office—whether it’s state or federal, this country needs people like you.’ About a year ago, I became willing. I prayed and asked God if it was really his will that I would go into public service. As soon as I prayed, things just started happening. Next thing I know our state representative might be named sheriff, and I’m sitting in a meeting with him. He’s saying, ‘You’d make me sleep a lot better at night if you considered doing this.’

What is the first initiative you would like to accomplish in office?

I’ll oppose Obamacare in Texas, look to reduce regulation on businesses so the economy continues to grow and prosper and more jobs can be created, and I hope to ban sanctuary cities in Texas. One of the first things I’m definitely going to address is sanctuary cities. Gov. [Greg] Abbott has called for that bill to be filed. I’m very interested in filing that bill. I think his idea is a good idea. I think it will work.

Kay SmithKay Smith

Kay Smith has lived and been involved in the Cypress and Tomball community for more than 20 years. She is a member of the Tomball Rotary Club, Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce, founder of nonprofit organization Hero and Friend, immediate past board member of the Harris County Department of Education, and formed the Cypress and Tomball coalition groups. She worked for heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey for six years and has been self-employed since 1980. She is the mother of one daughter and the foster parent of two young girls.

Why are you running for District 130 representative?

Some of the community leaders came to me and approached me and said Rep. [Allen] Fletcher was not seeking re-election and asked me if I would represent them. When I look at who the choice is—I think that it’s a clear choice. I’m the one who can represent this community the way it wants to be represented, and that’s what it’s all about. The people elect you, and they are your constituents. You should represent them the way they want to be represented and not the way you want to represent. I have worked for the Tomball Rotary Club and served the community in many ways representing Cypress and Tomball. I feel as if I’m best equipped to do that.

What is the first initiative you would like to accomplish in office?

The first thing we need to do is get rid of the margins tax. The margins tax is a franchise tax on business. The people that it hurts the most [are] the small business owners. I am a small business owner. Small businesses may not make any profit at all, but they’re taxed on their gross receipt. It puts them in debt and in the hole. It’s a very unfair tax on business in Texas.