Regional Transportation updates

Regional Transportation updates


1. Loop 360
The Texas Department of Transportation is considering extending a mobility study of the roadway between MoPac in North Austin and Hwy. 290 in South Austin. In October, TxDOT closed a community survey that asked residents to rank the problems and proposed solutions to traffic congestion. Respondents identified decreased congestion and more reliable travel times as top priorities. TxDOT will release a draft report in the spring for additional public input.
Timeline: late 2014-mid-2016
Cost: $1.27 million

2. Oak Hill Parkway
TxDOT and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are conducting an environmental study on traffic solutions for the Hwy. 71 and
Hwy. 290 intersection.
The project team is refining two concepts and a no-build option and plans to hold a workshop in early 2016.
Timeline: 2012-2017
Cost: TBD


1. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
In July the airport completed construction on an expansion of the upper level that connects the terminal and the airport’s east wing. The expansion added two new luggage carousels. In October the airport opened a new rental car facility. New nonstop flights added in 2015 connect travelers to Toronto, Miami, Portland, St. Louis, Orlando and Memphis. Projects in 2016 include a nine-gate terminal expansion and new parking.

2. Austin Executive Airport
After finishing a new community hangar in 2014, the Pflugerville-based airport did not pursue additional developments in 2015. The airport continues to assess business and community needs and has about 100 aircraft based on-site, Manager Jodie Kaluza said.

3. Georgetown Municipal Airport
In 2015 the airport proposed building a new fuel facility, a project that would replace existing in-ground fuel tanks with two new above-ground tanks that would have self-serve pumps. TxDOT finished an environmental assessment study for the project.

4. San Marcos Regional Airport
Director of Marketing and Administration Cassidy Berenato said the airport’s 2015 rebuilding of Runway 13/31 experienced delays because of flooding. In March the work should be finished. Two more projects could begin in 2016—installing a parking lot as well as a safety fence and new access gates along Airport Drive. In 2014 the city of San Marcos appropriated $100,000 for the new parking lot, and TxDOT appropriated $350,000 for the fence and gates.


The following projects in TxDOT’s Mobility 35 program will be funded in fiscal years 2014-15 and 2015-16 through the state’s Proposition 1, which voters approved in November 2014.

1. Hwy. 79 to SH 45N
Braided ramps will eliminate weaving movements as vehicles attempt to merge on northbound I-35. The northbound and southbound frontage road intersections at I-35 and US 79 will be reconstructed, and a third left-turn lane from westbound Hwy. 79 to southbound I-35 will be added.
Timeline: spring 2016-spring 2018
Cost: $28.1 million

2. Stassney Lane to William Cannon Drive
The bridges at Stassney and William Cannon and the frontage road bridge over Williamson Creek will be reconstructed. U-turns will also be added at Stassney and William Cannon, and the main I-35 lanes will be widened to incorporate shoulders and extended entrance and exit lanes.
Timeline: spring 2016-winter 2019-20
Cost: $79 million

3. Slaughter Creek overpass
The existing Slaughter Creek overpass will be replaced with a new bridge, and a U-turn bridge will be added. The project will also widen the southbound frontage road to two lanes near the overpass and install safety lighting from Slaughter Lane to Onion Creek Parkway.
Timeline: spring 2016-summer 2017
Cost: $9.2 million

4. RM 150 to Blanco River
One new off ramp will be added, and five existing on and off ramps will be modified between RM 150 and the Blanco River to improve safety and access.
Timeline: spring 2016-summer 2017
Cost: $9 million

5. RM 1431 to FM 3406
The project modifies two ramps on southbound I-35 and improves the southbound frontage road between RM 1431 and FM 3406.
Timeline: will be sent for bidding in summer 2016
Cost: estimated $10.7 million

6. 51st Street intersection
The project adds a collector-distributor road, or bypass lane, to allow southbound through-traffic to avoid the traffic signal at 51st street. A new roundabout will be added to the intersection with the southbound frontage road. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities will also be improved along the southbound frontage road.
Timeline: will be sent for bidding in summer 2016
Cost: estimated $20.6 million

7. Oltorf Street
The Oltorf and I-35 interchange will be improved and reconstructed from south of Woodland Avenue to Woodward Street. Improvements will include the reconstruction of the Oltorf bridge, improved entrance and exit ramps and frontage roads, extended entrance and exit lanes for main lanes and ramps, and the addition of U-turns. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities will also be improved along both frontage roads.
Timeline: will be sent for bidding in summer 2016
Cost: $54.5 million

Toll Roads

The Mobility Authority and TxDOT are proposing or building several tolled projects throughout the region.

1. MoPac South
This project will create two express lanes in each direction from Cesar Chavez Street to Slaughter Lane. TxDOT and the Mobility Authority are currently performing an environmental study for the project and anticipate results in late 2016.
Timeline: TBD
Cost: $480 million-$540 million

2. MoPac North
This project is under construction and includes widening the existing roadway to add one express lane in each direction from Parmer Lane to Cesar Chavez. The project includes two grade-separated connections from the express lanes to Cesar Chavez.
Timeline: October 2013-late 2016
Cost: $204 million

3. SH 71
The project is under construction and consists of the addition of one tolled lane in each direction and an overpass at FM 973. The project extends about 4 miles from Presidential Boulevard to SH 130.
Timeline: early 2015-June 2016
Cost: $140 million

4. SH 45 SW
This project will extend from Loop 1 to FM 1626, consists of four main lanes and includes an at-grade intersection at FM 1626, an overpass at Bliss Spillar Road, and a grade-separated interchange at Loop 1.
Timeline: tentative April 2016 letting
Cost: $109 million

5. 183 North
This project will include two express lanes in each direction and an additional general purpose lane from RM 620/SH 45 N to Loop 1. TxDOT is performing an environmental study for the project, and officials anticipate results in winter 2016.
Timeline: 2019 tentative letting date
Cost: $650 million

6. 183 South
This proposed project will improve the existing four-lane divided roadway with signalized intersections to a tolled six-lane controlled-access facility with grade separations and six-lane access roads. The project extends from Hwy. 290 south to Hwy. 71.
Timeline: construction expected to begin in spring 2016
Cost: $743 million