Living Lines Dance Center

Owner Janet Thompson teaches private Pilates classes by appointment. Owner Janet Thompson teaches private Pilates classes by appointment.[/caption]

Business at Living Lines Dance Center has been brisk since its relocation its new Jones Road location this past Fall. Owner Janet Thompson built the new facility to include two dance studios and a separate Pilates room.

“We picked up a lot of students in January,” Thompson said. “We’ve been busy—it’s a good thing.”

A preprofessional dance company now uses the dance studios on the weekend, she said.

Thompson and three other instructors teach a variety of dance forms and classes for both children and adults.

Living Lines Dance students, which range from age 3-18, can learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and acrobatic dance.

Zumba classes are also available for adults, and Thompson said she added a cardio class in early January for adults who want an intense workout unrelated to dance.

Private Pilates lessons are available by appointment in the mornings and on weekends.

“[The Pilates] appointments are almost all filled up,” she said.

Free trial lessons are also available for students who want to try out a class before enrolling in the program, Thompson said.