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Local experts answer questions about trends and offer tips to homebuyers and sellers considering buying or selling a home in or around Cy-Fair.

What is the value of hiring a home inspector?

Whether the house is new or preowned, the buyer should have an inspection done to find out the condition of the property. This gives the buyer the information needed to make an educated decision on how to proceed with the home purchase. A few hundred dollars up front can save the buyer thousands down the road.

What should a buyer look for in a home inspector?

A misconception is thinking the cheapest inspection price is best. The buyer should find an inspector who they are comfortable with by talking to them on the phone or even meeting in person. A buyer should know that not all inspectors carry specialized certifications such as termite and pest,  or pool inspection certifications.

How does a buyer ensure that the inspector will do an accurate job?

Most inspectors will have a contract for the client to sign. It will give the client a better understanding of the inspection and locks in the price, date and time for the inspection.

How should a seller prepare for a home inspector?

The best thing a seller can do is have a prelisting home inspection done. That gives them the time to fix issues before the house goes on the market. That way, it can be priced accordingly if they choose not to make repairs.

Ask a home inspector