Volunteer McKinney hosts final clean up day in Copeville

Volunteer McKinney has been managing volunteers since the Dec. 26 tornados that swept through North Texas. On Jan. 16 crews are working again for one final clean up day in Copeville.

Volunteer McKinney spokesperson Dana Riley said the group is hoping for 50 volunteers but registration has been slow.

"We are hoping that those that do come will understand how important it is to help those who continue to be devastated by the tornado," Riley said. "We received word that there are still families in need of help with physical labor and so we have to do something."

On Dec. 30, Volunteer McKinney set up the volunteer reception center in Farmersville.

"It was so heartwarming to greet people who had come to volunteer," Riley said. "Families, friends, co-workers and others just dropped what they were doing during the holiday and came. We even had victims who came to help others."

Riley said one resident, whose home was damaged by the storms, joined crews removing debris stating that she needed to help others to help her face what was happening to her own home.

"Volunteers brought us items they had found in the debris and we began to dry it out and try to identify who it belongs to," Riley said. "It was strange seeing someone’s family photos or legal documents with mud on them laid out on the floor of the building we were in.  It brought to mind two things…one, you should not become attached to things, because they can be gone in an instant and two, the only thing that really matters is our relationships.  I heard it over and over from the victims."

To volunteer, visit Volunteer McKinney's website. For those who are unable to volunteer, Riley said gift cards to common stores or gas stations are welcome donations. Those interested in purchasing a gift card can drop them off at Volunteer McKinney, 400 W. Virginia St.