KB Kasuals

KB Kasuals in Hughes Landing is twice as big as the original location.

KB Kasuals in Hughes Landing is twice as big as the original location.

Sherlynn Burks and her daughter, Krista, first opened KB Kasuals four years ago in Houston’s River Oaks community. In May 2015, the mother-daughter duo opened a second, larger location in Hughes Landing in The Woodlands, offering designer clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes.

“Before, customers had been driving to River Oaks from The Woodlands,” Burks said. “They were saying they wanted a store here, so I had to find a good commercial space.”

Burks—who has a background in fashion merchandising—and Krista first started the boutique after Krista graduated from college. Burks said the boutique, which got its name from Krista’s initials, carries contemporary clothes for women ranging in ages from 20 to 78.

“We carry all designers and the latest styles,” she said. “We look for the most up-and-coming designers. We have good client service as well, and we always hear customers love the styles we pick out.”

The boutique only features one size per item, so only one small, one medium and one large are available for each piece of clothing.

With KB Kasuals locations in Houston and The Woodlands, Burkes said she is content with operating the two boutiques and is not looking to expand again anytime soon.

“We’re just going to keep these two,” she said. “This store is double the size of the one in River Oaks, and business has been really good.”