Jersey Village Comprehensive plan to be adopted in February

The Jersey Village Comprehensive Plan, a blueprint that will lay the foundation for future improvements and prioritize projects that shape physical and economic characteristics of the city, will be formally adopted by the city council in February.

At a special Dec. 7 meeting called to discuss implementation of the plan, Jersey Village City Council agreed to adopt the plan through a formal ordinance at its Feb. 15 meeting.

“The most important element is the implementation of this plan,” Jersey Village Mayor Justin Ray said.

A current draft of the plan calls for the coordination of economic development activities, encouragement of family-oriented retail, restaurant and entertainment opportunities, development of new parks and amenities and improvement of community landscaping.

With the elements of the plan laid out, Ray expressed a desire to ensure future city councils continue to move it forward. The planned ordinance will likely mandate the council to review the comprehensive plan for updates or amendments every four years.

“I think we’re much more likely to follow through with the plan if we put in markers that will trigger a review,” City Manager Mike Castro said.

Jersey Village began developing a new comprehensive plan in Spring 2014. An advisory committee was created by council to guide the development of goals, strategies and action items within the plan.

Consulting firm Freese and Nichols gathered input from council, staff and residents at a series of open houses, workshops and online forums. The plan, separated into nine chapters, addresses issues such as economic development, parks, transportation and land use consideration.

The comprehensive plan draft, which was released in late May, suggests the possibility of hiring a full time economic development coordinator to ensure that the cities development efforts from various departments are aligned.

City improvements expressed in the plan include the development of a trail system, improvements toward community landscaping and instituting an annual program that assesses the quality of neighborhood amenities and funds replacements and additions as needed.