Transportation updates Katy June 2015[/caption]

1. First Street extension

First Street extension First Street extension[/caption]

Another month of poor weather set construction back on the extension along First Street. The two-lane concrete road is being constructed from Cane Island Parkway to Eva Lane, and officials said construction is nearly complete. The city anticipates completion within the coming month, but there is no set date.
Timeline: April 8-July 2015
Cost: $566,851
Funding Sources: Katy Development Authority (via Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County funds)

2.  Morton Ranch Road widening

Heavy rainfall set back the construction project to widen Morton Ranch Road. The project will widen the road from Katy Hockley Cut Off to Porter roads by converting the 2-lane asphalt roadway to a four-lane concrete boulevard. Officials said construction should be complete by July.
Timeline: Oct. 15 2014-July 2015
Cost: $5,645,118
Funding Sources: Harris County Precinct 3, METRO

3. Katy managed lanes

Maintenance and operation of the Katy managed lanes on I-10 will be transferred from the Harris County Toll Road Authority to the Texas Department of Transportation in December. The scheduled toll increase that would have gone into effect May 30 has been suspended until after the transition.
Timeline: December
Cost: not applicable
Funding sources: TxDOT (future maintenance and operations)