Sugar Land City Council approved two agreements during its May 19 meeting to move forward with the future development of Cullinan Park north of the Sugar Land Regional Airport along Hwy. 6.

An interlocal agreement between Sugar Land, the city of Houston, the Houston Parks Board and the Cullinan Conservancy details Phase I of the development, which includes the construction of park amenities, such as a picnic pavilion and a children’s nature area, as well as future annexation of the park.

The 754-acre park is owned by the city of Houston, but Sugar Land will annex the park into its extraterritorial jurisdiction once the Cullinan Conservancy raises $500,000 of initial contributions.

“I think this is a beautiful piece of land and I am very happy we have the opportunity to bring it into the city and develop it correctly with care,” Council Member Bridget Yeung said. “I think it will not only be a great asset for our citizens, but also a regional draw for everybody to enjoy.’

Although Sugar Land is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the park, the conservancy is responsible for funding improvements, such as cleanup and renovations.

Daphne McKinney, management assistant for Sugar Land, said the park also requires $111,000 for Sugar Land Police Department safety enhancements and $40,000 in sign renovations and boardwalk improvements.

“We feel that the implementation of security enhancements, infrastructure, maintenance practice and operation practice will encourage public safety in the park and use of the park,” McKinney said.

City Council approved a memorandum of understanding between Sugar Land and the Cullinan Conservancy outlining fundraising goals for the park, including a five-year and 10-year benchmark. If the conservancy is unable to meet the fundraising goals, Sugar Land has the right to deannex the park and terminate the interlocal agreement, McKinney said.

“This is a great public asset with little capital cost,” McKinney said.