City Council voted May 11 to authorize the mayor to sign interlocal agreements with Fort Bend and Harris counties to collect property taxes on behalf of the city.

City Administrator Byron J. Hebert said during the meeting that Katy Tax Assessor Charlie Shafer is preparing to retire, and the city looked at alternatives to hiring a replacement. Fort Bend and Harris counties collect taxes on behalf of Katy ISD, Hebert said, and contracting with the counties will save the city approximately $150,000. It will also provide additional payment locations for Katy residents.

Residents will receive one bill from the county that includes county, school and city taxes. Payments can be made online or in person at one of 16 locations in Harris County or five locations in Fort Bend County, according to council records. Residents in Waller County will make payments through Fort Bend County.

“Our estimated cost to the city of Katy for fee collection is less than $7,000 per year. We believe it’s mutually beneficial and we look forward to working with [the city],” said Mike Sullivan, Harris County tax assessor-collector, at the May 11 meeting.

Hebert said Katy tax department employees will be moved to other departments.