Ashley and Kevin Smith have brought a slice of surf culture to Cypress. The couple opened Surfset Texas in 2013, providing clients with a new way to burn calories and get in a workout—on a surfboard.

Prior to moving to Texas in 2009, Ashley began taking Pilates classes and eventually earned a worldwide certification to open her own studio. Shortly after the couple opened Trinity Pilates in 2011 off Grant Road, they began looking for another Pilates-based option to offer clients when the Smiths learned about the Surfset Fitness method.

“We knew it was going to be a great fit for our clientele here,” Ashley said.

Participants can sign up for one of four different Surfset class options, but all are open to any skill level. Most classes involve moves that are Pilates-based on top of the surfboards, but all progressively become harder and more intense.

“Just standing on the board itself is a workout, so even if you’re super athletic and super balanced it is still going to challenge you,” Ashley said. “But if you’re a couch potato, it will also challenge you.”

The surfboards lay on top of three balls with a base at the bottom and move laterally and front to back, but the boards are not designed to come off the base. The equipment also helps clients learn where their imbalances are, Ashley said.

“You learn to move with the board, which is amazing for your core strength,” she said. “You’re going to get a great workout no matter what—whether you’re just trying to stay on the board or do all the moves, it’s a great workout for people.”

Classes are offered at various times throughout the week and last about 45 minutes. Ashley said one of the most important things is remembering to have fun during class.

“Everybody is laughing and having a good time, and we don’t take things seriously,” she said. “It’s a great workout, but we laugh throughout the class. We believe in that wholeheartedly—laughter does enhance the workout.”

Surfset Kids classes

In addition to weekly classes for adults, children can take part in Surfset Kids classes on Saturdays. Instructor Myca Miller leads the classes, which involve stretching and playing various games.

“Games involve physical movement, and it challenges their creativity so they don’t realize they’re working out but they still get active,” she said. “Basically we take the most simple moves like squats and do that with the kids.”

Trinity Pilates

Next door to Surfset, the Smiths also own Trinity Pilates. The studio opened in 2011 and offers a variety of classes for all skill levels.

“Every class we have involves strengthening, stretching and release,” Ashley said. “You can’t get one without the other two, so that’s why our name is Trinity. You’re never going to plateau because we’re doing all three.”

Surfset class options

Balance—The standard starting-point class involves Pilates-based moves that progressively get harder.

Build—This class involves more strength training with resistance bands and other props with controlled and isolated moves.

Burn—This class involves full cardio moves.

Blend—This class involves a combination of all three Surfset classes.