New City Councilmembers were sworn in on May 20, which was followed by a special reception for the City Council’s outgoing councilmembers at Plano Centre on May 21.

Councilman Rick Grady takes the oath of office on May 20.[/caption]

The reception allowed residents to say farewell to outgoing councilmembers Pat Gallagher, Jim Duggan, Andre Davidson and Pat Miner.

In the May 9 election, Place 5 Councilmember Ron Kelley replaced Duggan and Place 7 Councilmember Tom Harrison replaced Gallagher, both of whom decided not to seek a second term. Place 3 Councilmember Rick Grady ran unopposed and replaced retiring Councilmember Andre Davidson, who had served on the council for five years.

Place 1 Councilmember Angela Miner ran unopposed and replaces her husband, Pat Miner, who retired after serving two terms on the council.

The new councilmembers attended their first regular meeting was on May 26 and will serve four-year terms.

Harrison is a retired telecom executive who serves on several projects with Custer Road Methodist Church. Kelley is a retired business executive and serves as executive director of Prestonwood Foundation, a nonprofit arm of Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Kelley ran on a platform of government transparency and said his business experience and proven track record as a public servant under the Prestonwood Foundation qualified him to represent his fellow residents.

“The election is over and now it is time to serve the great people of Plano,” Kelley said. “Our city is one of excellence, but we have some significant issues facing us. I look forward to being a part of this discussion.”