Mixed Fruit Tea One of the most popular drinks at Ice Valley Cafe is the Mixed Fruit Tea, made with five different fresh fruits.[/caption]

Made with fresh strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, watermelon and mango, the Mixed Fruit Tea at Ice Valley Cafe is one of the venue’s most popular drinks as well as one of its most colorful. The customer favorite, which is best served chilled, features helpings of fruit that turn the tea into a reddish-orange color over time.

As its name suggests, Ice Valley, which opened in 2013, specializes in drinks that are intended to help people stay cool during the summer. Along with Mixed Fruit Teas, the most popular drinks include strawberry, mango, and kiwi smoothies; avocado milkshakes; and Ice Valley Milk Teas. The venue also serves boba teas made with tapioca balls. The venue also serves hot teas and coffees

Aside from drinks, the shop offers a variety of food options. The menu includes American favorites such as chicken wings, chicken tenders and tater tots as well as dumplings, tofu and several seafood dishes.

The venue includes indoor and outdoor seating and is designed to be relaxing and spacious, owners said. It is common for customers to spend an entire day at Ice Valley, either studying, playing games or watching shows on their laptops.