Transportation Updates Katy Katy May 2015[/caption]

Transportation Updates Katy New road along First Street[/caption]

1. First Street

Construction is nearly complete on the new road along First Street approved by Katy City Council at the start of the year. Poor weather affected construction, but the city anticipates June completion. The two-lane concrete road runs parallel to the railroad track along Hwy. 90 and stretches from Cane Island Parkway to the Houston Lighting & Power Co. railroad crossing to the east.

Timeline: April 8–June
Cost: $566,851
Funding Sources: Katy Development Authority (via Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County funds)

2. Spring Green Boulevard roundabout at Katy Flewellen Road

Plans are near completion for a roundabout at the intersection of Spring Green Boulevard, Katy Flewellen Road and Cinco Trace Boulevard. The project is expected to open for construction bidding in July. Total construction time is estimated at seven months.

Timeline: July 2015–April 2016
Cost: $2.77 million
Funding Sources: Fort Bend County, private developers

3. Cane Island Parkway

Construction on Cane Island Parkway continues, and completion is expected September 2015. The project creates a north-south thoroughfare to connect the Cane Island master planned community to I-10. Segment 1, connecting Hwy. 90 to the community entrance, was completed October 2014. Phase 2 is underway to connect Hwy. 90 to I-10 and will culminate in an overpass. Construction on the overpass has not yet started.

Timeline: October 2013–September 2015
Cost: $2 million
Funding Sources: city of Katy, private developers, Texas Department of Transportation