1.North San Gabriel River sidewalk
This 1-mile lighted concrete section of the Randy Morrow Trail connects San Gabriel Park to Rivery Park.

2.Pickett Trail
This half-mile trail connects Chautauqua Park and Blue Hole Park.

3.Randy Morrow Trail
Named for the former Parks and Recreation Department director, this 5.5-mile trail starts at Booty's Road Park and connects several city parks, including Chandler Park and Rivery Park, before ending in San Gabriel Park.

4.San Gabriel Park Trail
This 1.6-mile granite trail loops around San Gabriel Park.

5.South San Gabriel River sidewalk
This 1-mile lighted concrete section of the Bonner Trail begins at W.L. Walden Drive and College Street and connects to Blue Hole Park.

6.Winfred H. Bonner Trail
This 1-mile trail follows the San Gabriel River from Blue Hole Park to VFW Park and continues to the McMaster Athletic Complex.

New Parks

7. Garey ParkGarey Park
In 2004, Georgetown resident Jack Garey announced he would donate his 525-acre ranch, house and $5 million to the city of Georgetown.

At the April 14 City Council meeting, Garey announced  he would turn over his property in late 2015 to allow development of the park to move forward. Garey had previously donated his property to be developed as a park after his death. He also announced an additional $5 million donation to fund the park’s construction. The park could include various types of campsites, a dog park and an equestrian center with trails.

8. West side park
The city of Georgetown hosted a meeting in January to gauge what features residents would like to have included in a new 90-acre on the city's west side. The city purchased the property near Shell Road and and Hwy. 195 in February 2013.

Information gathered during the meeting will be incorporated into a master plan for the park, which could be completed this summer.

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