Sen. Brandon Creighton Sen. Brandon Creighton[/caption]

Sen. Brandon CreightonDistrict 4

Elected: 2006
[email protected]

Top bills filed:

  • Co-authored Senate Concurrent Resolution 34 that passed April 20 in the Senate, which directs the Texas Water Development Board to conduct a study to look at desalination for the Montgomery County brackish water supply.

  • Authored Senate Bill 228 that passed April 30 in the Senate, which establishes a tax-free weekend for the purchase of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies in the state of Texas.

Sen. Paul Bettencourt Sen. Paul Bettencourt[/caption]

Sen. Paul BettencourtDistrict 7

Elected: 20145
[email protected]

Top bills filed:

  • Authored SB 182 to recalculate the ad valorem rollback tax rates for certain taxing units. The bill has been left pending in the Senate Finance Committee after an April 9 public hearing.

  • Authored SB 1215 to abolish the property tax assistance division from the Comptroller of Public Accounts and transfer duties to a newly created tax board. The Senate passed the bill, which was referred to the House Ways & Means Committee on May 4.

Rep. Mark Keough Rep. Mark Keough[/caption]

Rep. Mark KeoughDistrict 15

R-The Woodlands
Elected: 2014
[email protected]

Top bills filed:

  • House Bill 2990 would allow the Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of Aging and Disability Services to obtain criminal history information of applicants and current employees. The bill is awaiting approval in the House.

  • HB 2041 would lower appraisal caps from 10 percent to 5 percent. The bill was sent to the Ways and Means Committee on March 13.

Rep. Debbie Riddle Rep. Debbie Riddle[/caption]

Rep. Debbie Riddle • District 150

Elected: 2005
[email protected]

Top bills filed:

  • Authored HB 372, relating to the monitoring of Internet access of certain sex offenders. The bill was referred to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on April 30.

  • Authored HB 416, requiring personnel of abortion facilities to complete human trafficking training. The bill was placed on the general state calendar on May 6.

Rep. Cecil Bell Rep. Cecil Bell[/caption]

Rep. Cecil Bell District 3

Elected: 2012
[email protected]

Top bills filed:

  • Co-authored HB 460, which would allow search warrants  to be issued for blood tests for intoxication charges. A committee report was filed on April 28.

  • Authored HB 1745, which states no state or local governmental employee may be compelled to recognize a marriage or enforce a marriage license that violates a personal religious belief. The bill has been left pending in the State Affairs Committee since March 25.