Former Collin College president honored

Cary A. Israel, former Collin College president, was honored with the Michael Bennett Lifetime Achievement Award at Phi Theta Kappa's 97th Annual Convention April 17.

The award is given to retiring college presidents based on their outstanding support to of Phi Theta Kappa. PTK's local Alpha Mu Tau Chapter nominated Israel because of his years of encouragement and support of students. Phi Theta Kappa also inducted Israel into the Texas Regional Hall of Honor for Chief Executive Officers during the festivities.

Isreal has continued his involvement, even after his official retirement, by remaining in contact with some of the Alpha Mu Tau officer team and inquiring about the success of AMT's Honors in Action symposium and fall inductions.

"Dr. Israel's service to Phi Theta Kappa is just one example of Collin College's commitment to the students of this community," Mac Hendricks, Collin College Board of Trustees Chair said in a press release. "His dedication was obvious to all of those who worked with him."

Israel's consistent support for the student body was both scholastic and financial, said Alpha Mu Tau Chapter President Jen Dopson.

"Dr. Israel was the kind of president who took a genuine interest in students' academic and personal development," said Dopson in a press release.