Hot jasmine tea

Hot jasmine tea Hot jasmine tea is a favorite at Creapeshun.[/caption]

People who are used to drinking tea made from a tea bag are in for something a little different at Cy-Fair teahouse Creapeshun, where all teas are made authentically with fresh imported leaves from China.

To make the traditional hot jasmine Thai tea ($2.99), a customer favorite, owner Lin Jin places dried tea leaves directly into boiling water, allowing them to soak until the water turns green.

"Most places use tea bags or powder to cut costs," Jin said. "You notice the difference with fresh ingredients both in the taste and how you feel afterwards. A good tea will elevate you."

Although Jin said he prefers his tea unsweetened, customers can choose from a variety of flavors and sweeteners for an additional 50 cents, including mango, peach and passion fruit.

The tea selection at Creapeshun includes black, green and jasmine teas as well as a milk tea made with fresh milk. Jin, who took over ownership of the shop at the end of 2014, is working on expanding the menu. A new menu item added in March involves tea made with fresh fruit.

By Shawn Arrajj
Shawn Arrajj serves as the editor of the Cy-Fair edition of Community Impact Newspaper where he covers the Cy-Fair and Jersey Village communities. He mainly writes about development, transportation and issues in Harris County.