Dining Update – Sitar Cuisine of India

This year Sitar Cuisine of India plans to expand its buffet with live food preparations, continuing the growth of the restaurant since it opened in The Woodlands in January 2000.

The north Indian–style restaurant in Spring features an a la carte menu and a buffet that caters to customers who are unfamiliar with the style of food. The restaurant uses traditional spices but can also taper them back for new customers to enjoy.

"Indian food has a lot of spices and herbs used to make it," Manager Imran Syed said. "A lot of the spices are actually good for you, especially something like turmeric, which is supposed to be one of the best spices out there. That is used in each and every dish here in the restaurant."

This year the restaurant will be adding extra items to its buffet selection, but also plans on adding a live food preparation section as well.

"We are planning on adding lots of new stuff to our already extended buffet," Syed said. "We are planning on adding a new griddle on the buffet where an employee can be preparing fresh food right by the buffet."

Although restaurant favorites include chicken tikka masala, saag panneer and lamb rogan josh, Syed said many of the menu items are vegetarian–friendly.

"A lot of people nowadays are vegetarians," Syed said. "We have a big variety on the menu, and even somebody like me who eats a lot of meat doesn't feel the need of it sometimes."

The restaurant also has a grocery store, India Gourmet Spices, located next door and has expanded the store's space to feature additional options for customers who enjoy the cuisine.

25701 S. I-45 , Ste. 12, Spring

281-364-0200, www.sitarcuisineofindia.net