Lala's Lemonade

Drink maker finds winning recipe

It took lots of lemonade drinking and many tangy and tart trials, but after Lara Hill-Raich developed the recipe she liked, her lemonade business took off.

"We produce 300 to 400 gallons of lemonade per week," said Hill-Raich, owner of Lala's Lemonade in Cedar Park. "My husband and son had to drink an awful lot of lemonade until I found the right recipe."

Before opening Lala's Lemonade in 2009, Hill-Raich said she saw the food trucks on South Congress Avenue in Austin and thought about how interesting it would be to do something similar.

"I was looking for something that no one else was doing. So I came up with the idea to make lemonade and flavored lemonade," she said. "Instead of the food trucks, I started at a farmers market and learned that people really did like our product. So we figured out how to bottle it."

At the shop in Cedar Park, Lala's Lemonade produces 15 flavors of lemonade, which are then sold at 50 locations in and around Austin. In addition, Hill-Raich sells at the Cedar Park Farmers Market and at the Mueller Farmers Market. Lala's Lemonade also offers a delivery service for events, and customers can place special orders for pickup at the shop in Cedar Park.

Lala's Lemonade, 251 N. Bell Blvd., Ste. 114B, Cedar Park, 512-632-6400,