Heatherwilde project beginning in November, to last one month, improve street conditions

Roadwork on a 1,600-foot portion of Heatherwilde Boulevard in Pflugerville should begin in November, a city official said.

The overlay project will take place on the stretch of Heatherwilde between Pfennig Lane and Black Locust Drive. Construction should take less than 30 days. An exact start date has not been set, Assistant City Manager Tom Word said.

"This section of the street is deteriorating pretty quickly," Word said at a Sept. 23 meeting. "This should put it back into good operating condition."

Softball-size chunks of pavement are missing in some areas along the stretch of Heatherwilde that will undergo reconstruction. The parts of the road where tires normally travel are cracked and sunken in some areas.

About 40 percent of the road will undergo a full-depth repair, meaning the road will be excavated down into the base layer below the top pavement layer and replaced. The entire segment of road will be ground down, or milled, and repaved, Word said.

Construction will be done in phases, which will allow traffic to flow at all times, Word said.

Alpha Paving Industries bid $241,664—the lowest of four bids—and was awarded the project contract. Pflugerville city engineers estimated the cost of the project at $285,000, according to city documents.

With routine maintenance including another overlay in about 10 years the road should last at least two or three more decades, Word said.

"When you build a street you can't just walk away from it and say, 'OK we'll just rebuild it in 40 years' because it just won't last," Word said. "It's all about maintenance. If you do a good job of maintaining streets then, generally speaking, they will last a long time."

Jose Perez lives in a neighborhood near the intersection of Heatherwilde and Pfennig. Perez said he commutes daily on the bumpy road and sees significant traffic during afternoon rush hour.

"That would be nice. That's a very good improvement," Perez said of the impending roadwork.

Pflugerville High School student Theophilus Baawuo also lives in the neighborhood adjacent to Heatherwilde and Pfennig. He said the road could use improvement, and he sees new housing, which could lead to more traffic, coming to the area.

"It's not the greatest road in the world," Baawuo said.

Pflugerville Public Information Officer Terri Waggoner said the Heatherwilde overlay project between should not be confused with potential roadwork on Heatherwilde that was included on a Nov. 4 road bond ballot measure.