Despite being in the midst of city elections, Kyle City Council will be short a member for at least a couple of months.

On May 20, the council accepted the resignation of Councilman Chad Benninghoff, who was elected in 2013. Benninghoff is moving out of the state due to his son's severe allergies, the councilman wrote in his resignation letter dated May 15.

"The decision to move from our home and community has been difficult," Benninghoff said. "My wife and I believe moving from the area is in the best interest of our family. In order to increase the quality of life for our son and his health, we have recently concluded, we need to relocate."

In January, former Councilman Ray Bryant resigned from his District 6 seat due to increased work demands. Tammy Swaton officially took his place when votes were canvassed from the May 10 election. She was the sole candidate to file in the race.

Mayor Lucy Johnson, who decided not to seek re-election, will be replaced on June 10. Former councilmen Todd Webster and Brad Pickett are in a runoff to determine the city's next mayor.

"I think most people are generally concerned to see so much turnover," Johnson said. "Obviously, there are years when you just can't help it. This being a volunteer council, resignations are going to happen."

On June 3, City Council will vote on when to hold the special election to fill the vacancy left by Benninghoff's departure, Johnson said. She said she expects the special election to happen by the first Saturday in August.

She said it is understandable when council members must prioritize family matters over their duties on the council.

Special elections usually cost about $4,500, which would come out of the city's general fund if called, Johnson said.

"The best thing for council to do is to go ahead and order the special election and get that out of the way and taken care of before budget season starts in August and September," she said.