The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce launched a new website in mid-April that connects visitors with their elected officials and helps keep residents up-to-date on local, state and national legislation.

"Fort Bend Chamber Votes will enable us to bring even more value to our members and further validates the Fort Bend Chamber as the advocate for business excellence in Fort Bend County," chamber president Keri Schmidt said.—an effort headed by the chamber's Governmental Affairs Team—pulls together recent news and updates regarding new ordinances and resolutions that affect the lives of Fort Bend County residents. The site also works as a tool to get people involved with grassroots initiatives, Schmidt said.

In addition, the site works to track recent and ongoing legislation on the national, state and local level. The site also has the ability to alert the chamber's membership about issues and legislation as well as request a call to action for residents to write their legislators.

"Through the customized grassroots website, Fort Bend business leaders can easily communicate their positions on key business issues to elected officials and stay current on elections and policies critical to their interests," said Lewis Muller, director of political affairs and federation regulations with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. "The U.S. Chamber is proud to partner with the Fort Bend Chamber to provide this state-of-the-art resource to their valued members."

Be sure to visit for more information and updates on recent and upcoming legislation.