Concerned with community safety and security, The Harris County Sheriff's Office and Harris County Constable's Office have worked with the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce to implement new community policing programs.

A pilot program has begun in the Champions and Copperfield subdivisions because the neighborhoods already have Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy contracts. Those neighborhoods' residents can request an on-site review of their home's security and safety by contacting the HCSO's Crime Prevention Office.

Homeowners must sign a Hold Harmless agreement before an officer can conduct the review. Those homeowners who complete the review will receive a Home Security Review sign with the Harris County Sheriff's logo, similar to signs posted by security companies to deter crime.

"The last two decades have taught us the value of close communication between law enforcement and the citizens we serve," HCSO Captain Jay Coons said. "The home survey program represents an ideal opportunity for sheriff's deputies to collaborate with citizens prior to an incident occurring and for citizens to learn how to make their homes more unappealing to burglars."

The project depends on having sufficient trained deputies. With enough resources, the program could expand to other subdivisions in the area in about six months.

Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman and Assistant Chief Mark Herman created the Business Security Survey Program. Through the program, businesses can obtain a survey to perform a security check of their property. Sgt. Brent Combs will either discuss the business owner's questions over the phone or arrange for an on-site visit.

The two programs will be shared between the law enforcement agencies.

"We want what is best for our communities, and by both agencies working together as a team we will make our citizens harder targets for criminals," Herman said.

For more information on HCSO's Home Security Review, contact the Crime Prevention Office at 713-759-9454. For more information on the Business Security Survey Program, call 281-401-6200 or visit or