TxDOT lowers speed limit on parts of RR 620

Changes reflect 5-mile,10-mile decreases

The speed limits along the RR 620 corridor from Anderson Mill Road to the Hudson Bend area just north of the Lakeway city limits have been lowered by at least 5 mph, said Kelli Reyna, Texas Department of Transportation public information officer.

She said the speed limit on the majority of that section of RR 620 was lowered by 5 mph, but speeds on a portion of the roadway were lowered by 10 mph. Although the change was approved Oct. 30, the new speed limits were not effective until signs were posted on the roadway Nov. 4, she said.

This summer, TxDOT received a request to perform a speed study on the roadway, Reyna said.

"After performing an engineering study, we found the 85th percentile of motorists were driving at speeds lower than the posted speed limit," Reyna said.

She said the study was completed in late September, and TxDOT reduced the speed limit accordingly.

"This helps to ensure our roadways remain as safe as possible," Reyna said.