West Old FM 2243 in Leander closed to foot and bike traffic

Leander City Council approved an ordinance June 20 that bans bike and foot traffic on the portion of West Old FM 2243 between Bagdad Road and West Broade Street.

The ordinance goes into effect immediately, however Police Chief Greg Minton said the police department would take time to inform residents.

"Typically when something like this changes, we will give a grace period and educate the public first before we take action," he said.

Pedestrians and cyclists can still travel along the roadway but not on the pavement, Councilwoman Kirsten Lynch said.

"We are not stopping people from getting to any places along there, but we want to them to be safe and stay off the roadway surface," she said.

Minton said the department heard numerous complaints about the dangers of pedestrians and cyclists on West Old FM 2243. The lanes are 12.5 feet wide, which the Texas Department of Transportation considers substandard, Minton said.

"West Old FM 2243 is unlike any other road in Leander. Portions have no sidewalk, shoulder or right-of-way," Minton said. "We recommend the proactive adoption of this temporary ordinance that will remain in effect until the roadway can safely accommodate foot and bicycle traffic."

City staff said design plans are being developed to repair and rebuild West Old FM 2243.