At its May 14 meeting, the Travis County Commissioners Court approved on consent an exemption from platting requirements for the Steiner Ranch condominium project involving 55 single-family detached units. As part of the unanimous vote, the court also [approved] a condominium construction agreement with Taylor Woodrow Communities/Steiner Ranch Ltd.

There was no discussion on the consent agenda item during the May 14 meeting, but last spring, developer Taylor Woodrow Communities Steiner Ranch, which is a part-owner of Steiner Ranch along with other investors, revealed plans to build shops, a hotel, storage facility and high-density multifamily apartments on a "Mixed Use" tract at the front of the neighborhood.

That 84-acre tract, called MU-14, falls into both City of Austin and Travis County jurisdiction. Steiner Ranch encompasses 4,600 acres.

Adib Khoury, vice president of Taylor Woodrow, said in February that the company would move forward with its plans to develop the 55 condos on MU-11, and construction is anticipated to start this year.