Buda chamber executive director resigns

Cindy Swink, Buda Chamber of Commerce executive director, tendered her resignation via email on the morning of April 1.

"I came to work Monday and bam, there was the email," said Lisa Sauceda, Buda Area Chamber of Commerce president.

Sauceda said Swink did not provide a reason for the resignation.

"It just simply said she wished to resign and wished the chamber much success, and of course I want to wish her the best in her future endeavors and acknowledge all her hard work," Sauceda said.

Swink is the third executive director to resign in 14 months. She replaced former Executive Director Terry Capps in August after he resigned in June. Capps took over in March after the resignation of Dick Schneider, who directed the chamber for 11 years.

Ann Miller, executive director of the Buda Economic Development Corp., works a couple of doors down from the chamber office on Houston Street. Miller was out of town all weekend, and when she returned Monday, she received a surprise.

"I came back and walked down there to ask Cindy a question about a meeting tomorrow, and they said she resigned," Miller said.

The chamber has been gaining momentum with a series of new events and cross promotions, Sauceda said. The timing still has her scratching her head.

"It's at a point right now where we're really excited about everything, and we get a resignation and we're like, 'What?' Sauceda said. "There was much surprise to be honest with you."

Sauceda said the chamber would begin looking for a new executive director soon, but no timeline exists for the search.