Concordia University Texas adds two new online degree programs

Concordia University Texas announced Feb. 12 that it will offer two additional fully online degree programs beginning in March. A Bachelor of Arts degree in business and a Bachelor of Arts degree in health care administration are being added to a superintendent certification program that the University launched in December.

The online center launched three fully online cohorts in January: a master's degree in advanced literary instruction, a master's degree in differentiated instruction and a bachelor's degree in human resources management.

"Concordia is offering the same excellent, accredited degree programs students would find in classrooms, but using a different delivery method," said Tammy Steward, vice president of remote operations for Concordia University Texas, in a news release. "We are enabling busy adults the chance to continue their education in a timely manner while maintaining their ability to go to work and raise a family."

The fully online courses do not differ from traditional on-campus learning material. The online degree programs offer the same course and program objectives and allow students the opportunity to collaborate and interact with their professors and classmates.

The online programs offered by the university were chosen through market research that showed the highest demand for fully online courses.

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