Consulting firm examines Round Rock library master plan

The private library consulting firm Godfrey's Associates provided a preliminary recommendation on the future of the city's library system at Round Rock City Council's Jan. 25 meeting.

In order to meet the demand expected from Round Rock's projected growth during the next two decades, the firm recommended the city invest in a 113,000-square-foot library with an estimated cost of $39 million. Godfrey's also suggested the city establish one or two branch libraries a cost of $1.31 million–$1.59 million each.

Richard Waters, principal consultant for Godfrey's Associates, said Round Rock's expected growth in its educated adult and under 18 population will likely drive up demand for library services.

"We found that education level is the No. 1 determiner in library usage, and having children under [age] 18 is second," Waters said. "Unless [Round Rock's] demographics change in the next 30 years—and we don't think they will—your usage is going to go through the roof."

Waters said the report presented to the council was preliminary and that a final recommendation was scheduled to be completed in June.