Concordia University Texas launches advocacy foundation

Concordia University Texas announced in late December the development of the Concordia University Texas Foundation, which advocates for the university, raises funds and cultivates relationships.

The founding members of the board are Joyce Batcheller, Merritt Belisle, Tony Budet, John Garrett, Mark McClain, Rebecca Powers, Robyn Roberts, Tom Stacy, Rev. Dr. David Stein and Keith Weiser.

Each foundation board member is charged with having an understanding of the vision and philanthropic priorities of Concordia, serving as an advocate of the university and supporting and attending Concordia events and programs.

"We are excited to launch the foundation and grateful to our founding board members for their commitment to the University," said Dr. Tom Cedel, president of Concordia University Texas. "All of these board members have a special connection to Concordia, and we are confident that they will have an impact in bringing greater awareness to the University's educational and philanthropic priorities."