Magnolia brewery readies for distribution of first beers

After three trial batches and nearly 12 months of preparation, Lone Pint Brewery is gearing up to distribute three finished batches of its signature brew.

Because it is illegal for a brewery to directly sell its product, Lone Pint's concoctions will be sold at Houston bars through Duff Beer Distribution, which will determine the bars and pubs Lone Pint will be available. Owner Trevor Brown said for now the beers will be sold only as drafts, and mainly available in central Houston. However, local establishments such as the Montgomery County Grille have shown interest in selling Lone Pint as well.

For now, Lone Pint has two IPAs and one brown beer. An IPA contains a stronger hop and bitter taste, while Brown's brown beer contains English malt and resembles an English brown ale.

"We have been brewing batches for about six to seven years trying to get a recipe figured out," Brown said. "Now, all we are waiting on is the final TABC label before we can distribute, and it can be any day now."

The beers could be in bars in one to two weeks, he said.

Brown and his family moved to Magnolia in early 2012 in search for a country home close to Houston, and has settled his brewery on The Stroll in Magnolia, 507 Commerce St. He began brewing practice batches in January. By 2014, Lone Pint hopes to bottle their brews to sell in local grocery stores.